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Adam Webb Biography

August 28, 2020
Mr. Webb is Trading Principal & Chief Investment Officer at Blue Creek Capital Management LLC. Mr. Webb was listed as a principal on 18th August 2020 and became a registered person of Blue Creek Capital Management LLC on 20th August 2020.

Mr. Webb has a 1st class degree in Economics and Maths from The London School of Economics (LSE) and a 1st class degree in Computer Science from The Nottingham University (NU).  Mr. Webb started his career in May 1993 working for the Hull Trading Company, Inc. based in London on the LIFFE Exchange floor as an assistant trader, looking for arbitrage opportunities in various assets between London, Frankfurt and Chicago.

Mr. Webb moved to Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. in September 1999 as part of the Hull Trading Company acquisition . As an associate director for Over the Counter (OTC) Currency Options. Mr. Webb was responsible for the JPY, GBP and DEM Options desk until February 2001. Mr. Webb moved to Goldman Sachs Group, Inc, Tokyo in March 2001 to be the Director of Exotic Japanese Yen Currency Options. This role was split between time spent in Tokyo & London. Mr. Webb grew the Exotic desk to the largest interbank desk in Yen Options globally and saw profits rise 220% during 2001-2004. He held this position until July 2004.

Mr. Webb started his own family fund in September 2004. This business was focused on electronic market making Crude Oil Options on the NYMEX and IPE exchanges (Now CME & ICE). Mr. Webb’s deep awareness of the technical advances enabled this business to thrive. Mr. Webb simultaneously set up a technology company in September 2004, this was focused purely as a low-latency technology company in the fiber and microwave space. Mr. Webb privately sold this company in September 2010 (Mr. Webb retained 100% of the shareholding until the time of sale).

In Jan 2014 Mr. Webb established a consulting business (Closed November 2019) , to assist liquidity provision organizations with their Option price modelling and order-routing challenges between exchanges.

In January 2019 Mr. Webb co-founded Macrohedged, a small global macro research company focused purely on the Options on Futures markets looking for opportunities in Option Skewness and relative value strategies. This platform has proved widely popular and forms an ongoing source of alpha in the commodities and fixed income arena. Since early 2020 Macrohedged has added Crypto derivatives to the customer offerings, this has proved hugely popular as a consistent source of edge. 

In August 2020 Mr. Webb purchased a number of small Crypto focused businesses, to expand on a number of ideas in this booming sector. Particular interest in the Decentralised Finance arena. 

Mr. Webb held seats on the NYMEX exchange and CME IMM & IOM from 2004.

Mr. Webb is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) registered with the CFTC and a member of the National Futures Association (0486265).

If you would like to use Crypto, please use the following addresses:
Currency Address
USDC ERC20 0xeA40ceAC8E4F7A6C59c6C02D3ee30921afBb9C3C
USDT ERC20 0xeA40ceAC8E4F7A6C59c6C02D3ee30921afBb9C3C
UST TERRA terra14ymw8u9jjev4h83lxxqh9swdv4y7cst8jhg0yx
TrueUSD ERC20 0xeA40ceAC8E4F7A6C59c6C02D3ee30921afBb9C3C
PAXUSD ERC20 0xeA40ceAC8E4F7A6C59c6C02D3ee30921afBb9C3C
HUSD ERC20 0xeA40ceAC8E4F7A6C59c6C02D3ee30921afBb9C3C
BUSD ERC20 0xeA40ceAC8E4F7A6C59c6C02D3ee30921afBb9C3C
BUSD BEP2 bnb1jzdy3vy3h0ux0j7qqcutfnsjm2xnsa5mru7gtj Memo 416825629108
ETH ERC20 0xE930C41A011706C12d8479D7bd57dd1B3f308e3A
BTC 37zPUoNU1HAHv7m3fXKm9hybyieYYxkAgy
XRP rPFXvVo2fYXVPdV9gCHQouHsMgMhQ2aUwM Tag 3602632945
LTC MQr1anqYazL49wUyDGbKK9ZFpPmtpeJNas
DOGE DA1RstAkS2ZZnitfVUBzGHh2q3Ami9HY1e
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